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Introducing Quik Plow, the new snow plow app

An app that is gaining popularity in Grand Rapids has migrated to southeast Michigan. Called Quik Plow, you can think of it like uber but for snowplowing.

There’s a new app for clearing your driveway of snow – think of it like Uber for your snowplowing

Maybe snow fell on your driveway, but you don’t want to shovel. Or perhaps your sidewalks are blanketed with a blanket of white fluff, but you aren’t home to clear it.

New app is like Uber for snow removal

‘Quikplow’ developers are based in Grand Rapids

Quikplow App is like Uber for snow removal

Don’t want to shovel? There’s an app for that. Designed here in Grand Rapids, the QUIKPLOW app can connect you with those who can clear your driveway and sidewalks.

Snow removal service app overwhelmed with requests over the weekend

The app allows you to find service providers in your area to shovel, snow blow or plow your driveways and sidewalks.

On-Demand Snow Removal with Quikplow

After a big winter storm, many people find themselves snowed in and often stuck in their driveways.

Shovel no more: New service aims to match residents with those willing to remove snow

There’s still a few months of winter left and you’ll probably be going to have to plow or shovel again.

Quikplow app lets you order snow removal service on-demand

There’s a new way to get your driveway or walkway cleared of snow without even stepping foot outside of your home.